Southern Dance Explosion


Arlon G. Money, JR

Arlon is a dancer/choreographer originally from the Charlotte, NC area. He studied dance in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Nevada area, as well as the Carolinas and Florida. He has taught numerous workshops and master classes in half a dozen states. Al has choreographed and performed for industrial corporate productions, on cruise ships, in theme parks, Private Celebrity Parties, and in several show bands. Some of his corporate choreography credits include: Nascar, Disney World, Little Caesars Corporate, and Hardees/Carl’s Junior Corporate. Arlon has choreographed and performed for Sol Fusion on gigs such as: Charlotte’s First Night that aired live on NBC/WBTV, and the Grave Diggers  Ball, which opened up for rapper B.O.B. He is currently the choreographer and featured dancer for “Voltage” Elwire lighted group.
Arlon has studied dance with Wade Robson, Shane Sparks, Hihat, Marty Kudelka, Tabitha and Nepoleon D’umo. He has also performed in shows with Jamie Fox, P  Diddy, Kanye West, B.O,B and Kesha. His most recent tour was with a Michael Jackson tribute tour (MOONWALKER). His choreography specialties are contemporary jazz, pop and hip-hop. Arlon has just recently opened a new dance studio call Revolution Dance Company and started teaching amateur dance competition routines. Over the past few years he has taught at other dance studios. During this time has received numerous top overall awards and choreography awards. Arlon has a passion for the dancers that he teaches and is a hardworking, enthusiastic artist that loves to create.